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B.Tech Previous Year Question Papers (2008)

6th SEM: Adv. Control System Engg
6th SEM: Adv. Electronics Circuit
6th SEM: Artificial Intelligence
6th SEM: Bio Informatics
6th SEM: Communication Engg
6th SEM: Computer Networks
6th SEM: Control System Engg
6th SEM: Digital Communication Technique
6th SEM: Digital Signal Processing
6th SEM:  Electronics Instruments & Measurements
6th SEM: Electrical Machine-II
6th SEM: Electro Magnetic Theory
6th SEM: Fiber Optics & Instrumentation
6th SEM: Microwave Engg
6th SEM: Optimization Engg
6th SEM: Operating System
6th SEM: Power electronics
6th SEM: Production & Operation Management
6th SEM:Advan. Elec. Circuit CPEC 5306-CPEN 5305
6th SEM:Advanced Electronics CPMR 8306
6th SEM:Artificial Intelligence PECS 3301
6th SEM:Bioinformatics CPBT 8309
6th SEM:Biomedical Equipment CPBM 8307
6th SEM:Cardiovasular System CPBM 8304
6th SEM:Chemical Reaction Engg. CPCH 7306
6th SEM:Communication Engineering CPEC 5308
6th SEM:Computer Architecture & Org.-II BCSE 3307
6th SEM:Computer Networks BCSE 3306
6th SEM:Control System Engg. CPEE 5302
6th SEM:Deformation Behaviour of Materials CPMT 6307
6th SEM:Digital Communication CPEC 5304
6th SEM:Digital Signal Processing CPEC 5302
6th SEM:DNA Technology CPBT 8307
6th SEM:Electrical Equipment in mines CPEE 5361
6th SEM:Electrical Machines-II CPEE 5304
6th SEM:Electromagnetic Theory CPEE 5307
6th SEM:Electronics Instrumentation & Meas CPEN 5303
6th SEM:Electronics Measurement & Measuring CPEC 5303
6th SEM:ENT and Anesathesia CPBM 8305
6th SEM:Environmental impact CPEV 7308
6th SEM:Fabric Structure & Design CPTX 8305
6th SEM:Fibre Optic Instrumentation CPEN 5304
6th SEM:Fundamental of Air Pollution CPEV 7306
6th SEM:Fundamental of Air Pollution CPEV 7306
6th SEM:Heat Transfer CPME 6307
6th SEM:IC Engines & Gas Turbines CPME 6304
6th SEM:Instrumentation & Measurement CPEN 5306
6th SEM:Instrumentation & Process CPBT 8310
6th SEM:Iron Making & Ferro Alloys CPMT 6309
6th SEM:Irrigation Engineering CPCE 8308
6th SEM:Machine Design-II CPME 6306
6th SEM:Manufacturing Science-II CPME 6308
6th SEM:Marine Electrical Technology CPMR 8305
6th SEM:Marine Internal Combustion Engine-I CPMR 8304
6th SEM:Mass Transfer-II CPCH 7307
6th SEM:Mechanics of Machines-II PEMR 8304
6th SEM:Mechanics of Material CPME 6305
6th SEM:Mechanics of Material-II CPME 6305
6th SEM:Mechanical Working and testing CPMT 6308
6th SEM:Microprocessor & Microcontroller CPEC 5305
6th SEM:Microprocessor & Microcontroller CPEC 5305 (2nd)
6th SEM:Microwave Engineering CPEC 5307
6th SEM:Mine Environment & Safety Engg. CPMN 6307
6th SEM:Mineral Engineering & Fuel Tech CPMN 6306
6th SEM:Mining Methods CPMN 6308
6th SEM:Molecular Modelling PEBT 8303
6th SEM:Navel Architecture-I PEMR 8303
6th SEM:Operating System BCSE 3305
6th SEM:Optimization in Engg. HSSM 4301
6th SEM:Orthopaedic Neurology CPBM 8306
6th SEM:Petroleum Refinery Engineering PECH 7304
6th SEM:Phase Transformation & Heat Treat CPMT 6306
6th SEM:Plant Biotechnology CPBT 8308
6th SEM:Polymer Technology PECH 7305
6th SEM:Power Electronics CPEE 5306
6th SEM:Process Control in Fabric Manu PETX 8305
6th SEM:Process Control in Fabric PETX 8305
6th SEM:Production & Operations Manage HSSM 4302

6TH SEM: Solid & Bio-Medical Waste CPEV 7307
6TH SEM: Steel Structure CPCE 8306
6TH SEM: Steel Structure PCAR 8306
6TH SEM: Structural Analysis -II CPCE 8310
6TH SEM: Surveying - II CPCE 8307
6TH SEM: Technical Textile CPTX 8307
6TH SEM: Testing of Textile Material - II CPTX 8306
6TH SEM: Textile Chemical Procesing - II CPTX 8304
6TH SEM: Unit Operation and Processes CPEV 7304
6TH SEM: Unit operation II & Down Stream CPBT 8306
6TH SEM: Water & Wastewater Engineering CPEV 7305
6TH SEM: Water Supply & Sanitary Engg. CPCE 8309
6TH SEM: X-ray & Metal Physics CPMT 6310

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