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Previous year Semester Question of Biju Patnaik University of Technology
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Red Corner : “Odisha Professional College Ranking -2015” based upon the students feedback college wise inspection by expert team is now available // It was brought to our notice that Gandhi Group of Institution giving false commitment in terms of placement and other artefacts associated to its various institution. Students and parents are requested to kindly be vigilant for such commitment and verify the genuineness. // Placement Data for the state of Odisha for the year 2012 & 2013 is now available under placement section //Transparency in Technical Education (TTE) | Initiative against fake advertisement is now available online

B.Tech Previous Year Question Papers (2008)

6th SEM: Adv. Control System Engg
6th SEM: Adv. Electronics Circuit
6th SEM: Artificial Intelligence
6th SEM: Bio Informatics
6th SEM: Communication Engg
6th SEM: Computer Networks
6th SEM: Control System Engg
6th SEM: Digital Communication Technique
6th SEM: Digital Signal Processing
6th SEM:  Electronics Instruments & Measurements
6th SEM: Electrical Machine-II
6th SEM: Electro Magnetic Theory
6th SEM: Fiber Optics & Instrumentation
6th SEM: Microwave Engg
6th SEM: Optimization Engg
6th SEM: Operating System
6th SEM: Power electronics
6th SEM: Production & Operation Management
6th SEM:Advan. Elec. Circuit CPEC 5306-CPEN 5305
6th SEM:Advanced Electronics CPMR 8306
6th SEM:Artificial Intelligence PECS 3301
6th SEM:Bioinformatics CPBT 8309
6th SEM:Biomedical Equipment CPBM 8307
6th SEM:Cardiovasular System CPBM 8304
6th SEM:Chemical Reaction Engg. CPCH 7306
6th SEM:Communication Engineering CPEC 5308
6th SEM:Computer Architecture & Org.-II BCSE 3307
6th SEM:Computer Networks BCSE 3306
6th SEM:Control System Engg. CPEE 5302
6th SEM:Deformation Behaviour of Materials CPMT 6307
6th SEM:Digital Communication CPEC 5304
6th SEM:Digital Signal Processing CPEC 5302
6th SEM:DNA Technology CPBT 8307
6th SEM:Electrical Equipment in mines CPEE 5361
6th SEM:Electrical Machines-II CPEE 5304
6th SEM:Electromagnetic Theory CPEE 5307
6th SEM:Electronics Instrumentation & Meas CPEN 5303
6th SEM:Electronics Measurement & Measuring CPEC 5303
6th SEM:ENT and Anesathesia CPBM 8305
6th SEM:Environmental impact CPEV 7308
6th SEM:Fabric Structure & Design CPTX 8305
6th SEM:Fibre Optic Instrumentation CPEN 5304
6th SEM:Fundamental of Air Pollution CPEV 7306
6th SEM:Fundamental of Air Pollution CPEV 7306
6th SEM:Heat Transfer CPME 6307
6th SEM:IC Engines & Gas Turbines CPME 6304
6th SEM:Instrumentation & Measurement CPEN 5306
6th SEM:Instrumentation & Process CPBT 8310
6th SEM:Iron Making & Ferro Alloys CPMT 6309
6th SEM:Irrigation Engineering CPCE 8308
6th SEM:Machine Design-II CPME 6306
6th SEM:Manufacturing Science-II CPME 6308
6th SEM:Marine Electrical Technology CPMR 8305
6th SEM:Marine Internal Combustion Engine-I CPMR 8304
6th SEM:Mass Transfer-II CPCH 7307
6th SEM:Mechanics of Machines-II PEMR 8304
6th SEM:Mechanics of Material CPME 6305
6th SEM:Mechanics of Material-II CPME 6305
6th SEM:Mechanical Working and testing CPMT 6308
6th SEM:Microprocessor & Microcontroller CPEC 5305
6th SEM:Microprocessor & Microcontroller CPEC 5305 (2nd)
6th SEM:Microwave Engineering CPEC 5307
6th SEM:Mine Environment & Safety Engg. CPMN 6307
6th SEM:Mineral Engineering & Fuel Tech CPMN 6306
6th SEM:Mining Methods CPMN 6308
6th SEM:Molecular Modelling PEBT 8303
6th SEM:Navel Architecture-I PEMR 8303
6th SEM:Operating System BCSE 3305
6th SEM:Optimization in Engg. HSSM 4301
6th SEM:Orthopaedic Neurology CPBM 8306
6th SEM:Petroleum Refinery Engineering PECH 7304
6th SEM:Phase Transformation & Heat Treat CPMT 6306
6th SEM:Plant Biotechnology CPBT 8308
6th SEM:Polymer Technology PECH 7305
6th SEM:Power Electronics CPEE 5306
6th SEM:Process Control in Fabric Manu PETX 8305
6th SEM:Process Control in Fabric PETX 8305
6th SEM:Production & Operations Manage HSSM 4302

6TH SEM: Solid & Bio-Medical Waste CPEV 7307
6TH SEM: Steel Structure CPCE 8306
6TH SEM: Steel Structure PCAR 8306
6TH SEM: Structural Analysis -II CPCE 8310
6TH SEM: Surveying - II CPCE 8307
6TH SEM: Technical Textile CPTX 8307
6TH SEM: Testing of Textile Material - II CPTX 8306
6TH SEM: Textile Chemical Procesing - II CPTX 8304
6TH SEM: Unit Operation and Processes CPEV 7304
6TH SEM: Unit operation II & Down Stream CPBT 8306
6TH SEM: Water & Wastewater Engineering CPEV 7305
6TH SEM: Water Supply & Sanitary Engg. CPCE 8309
6TH SEM: X-ray & Metal Physics CPMT 6310

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