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Previous year Semester Question of Biju Patnaik University of Technology
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Red Corner : “Odisha Professional College Ranking -2015” based upon the students feedback college wise inspection by expert team is now available // It was brought to our notice that Gandhi Group of Institution giving false commitment in terms of placement and other artefacts associated to its various institution. Students and parents are requested to kindly be vigilant for such commitment and verify the genuineness. // Placement Data for the state of Odisha for the year 2012 & 2013 is now available under placement section //Transparency in Technical Education (TTE) | Initiative against fake advertisement is now available online

B.Tech Previous Year Question Papers (2008)

8th SEM: Adv. Communication System
8th SEM: Computer Network
8th SEM: Computer Security
8th SEM: Environmental engg
8th SEM: E-Commerce & ERP
8th SEM: Embedded System
8th SEM: Image Processing
8th SEM: Mobile Computing
8th SEM: Mobile Communication
8th SEM: Marketing Management
8th SEM: Operating System
8th SEM: Process Control Instrumentation
8th SEM: Parallel & Distributed System
8th SEM: Radar & Television Engg
8th SEM: Software Engg
8th SEM: Adaptive Signal Processing PEEC 5402
8th SEM: Advance Communication System PEEC 5411
8th SEM: Advance Electronics Circuits CPEN 5305
8th SEM: Advance Operating System PECS 3409
8th SEM: Advanced Chemical Processing PETX 8407
8th SEM: Advanced Control System Engg. CPEE 5305
8th SEM: Advanced Foundation Engg. PECE 8411
8th SEM: Advanced Safety Engineering PEMN 6412
8th SEM: Alrernative Routes of Iron Making PEMT 6405
8th SEM: Biochemical Engineering PECH 7407
8th SEM: Biofertilizers & Biopesticides CPBT 8304
8th SEM: Building Services-IV PCAR 8305
8th SEM: Characterization of Materials CPMT 6404
8th SEM: Chemical Plant Waste Mangement PECH 7404
8th SEM: Composite Materials PEME 6408
8th SEM: Computer Graphics & Multimedia BCSE 3401
8th SEM: Computer Networks BCSE 3306
8th SEM: Computer Organization PECS 3414
8th SEM: Computer Security PECS 3406
8th SEM: Core Java PEEC 5404
8th SEM: Corrosion & Degradation CPMT 6405
8th SEM: E-Commerce & ERP PECS 3410
8th SEM: Electrical Drives CPEE 5403
8th SEM: Electrical Power Quality PEEE 5405
8th SEM: Embedded systems PECS 3405
8th SEM: Entrepreneurial Development CPTX 8403
8th SEM: Environmental Engineering HSSM 4403
8th SEM: Environmental Geotechnique PECE 8408
8th SEM: Environmental Pollution PEMN 6411
8th SEM: Ethics & IPR in Biotech CPBT 8404
8th SEM: Finite & Boundary Element Method PEME 6411
8th SEM: Food Biotechnology CPBT 8403
8th SEM: Fracture Mechanics PEMT 6408
8th SEM: Garment Design PETX 8409
8th SEM: Geomechanics in Mine Design PEMN 6413
8th SEM: Human Genomics PEBT 8408
8th SEM: Image Processing PECS 3408
8th SEM: Industrial Instrumentation PEEN 5402
8th SEM: Information system & Design PEEC 5401
8th SEM: Internet & Web Techniques PECS 3413
8th SEM: Internet & Web Technology PECS 3413
8th SEM: Internet Security & Profes Ethics PEEC 5403
8th SEM: Marine Auxiliary Machinery-III CPMR 8407
8th SEM: Marine Boiler and Steam Engg. CPMR 8408
8th SEM: Marine Control Engg. CPMR 8406
8th SEM: Maritime Regulation PEMR 8402
8th SEM: Marketing management HSSM 4404
8th SEM: Material Handling & Transport PEMN 6415
8th SEM: Mechanical Vibrations PEME 6407
8th SEM: Mechatronics PEME 6410
8th SEM: Mine Legislation & General CPMN 6404
8th SEM: Mine Planning & Economics CPMN 6405
8th SEM: Mobile Communication CPEC 5404
8th SEM: Mobile Computing PEEC 5409
8th SEM: Multimedia Technology PECS 3411
8th SEM: Operating System BCSE 3305
8th SEM: Operating Systems BCSE 3305
8th SEM: Organic Chemical Technology CPCH 7405
8th SEM: Parallel and Distributed Systems PECS 3407
8th SEM: Plate & Shells PECE 8412
8th SEM: Pollution Control, Environment PEBT 8404
8th SEM: Pollution Measurement & Control PECE 8407
8th SEM: Prefabrication & Modular PCAR 8407
8th SEM: Prestressed Concrete CPCE 8403
8th SEM: Process Control Instrumentation CPEN 5401
8th SEM: Process Dynamics and Control CPCH 7305
8th SEM: Process Simulation & Opti PECH 7406
8th SEM: Proteimics PEBT 8406
8th SEM: Protein Engineering PEBT 8405

8TH SEM: Radar & Television Engineering PEEC 5406
8TH SEM: Rapid Prototyping PEME 6413
8TH SEM: Renewable Energy Sources PEMR 8407
8TH SEM: Robotics & Robot Applications PEME 6409
8TH SEM: Sensors & Signals CPEN 5301
8TH SEM: Ship Operation Management CPMR 8405
8TH SEM: Simulation Modelling and Control CPME 6404
8TH SEM: Software Engineering BCSE 3402
8TH SEM: Structural Dynamics PECE 8410
8TH SEM: Telematics PEEC 5412
8TH SEM: Textile Mill Planning, Safety & Env.
8TH SEM: Textile Mill Planning, Safety CPTX 8404
8TH SEM: Traffic Engineering & Transport PECE 8413
8TH SEM: Transport Phenomena CPCH 7406
8TH SEM: Tribology PEME 6410
8TH SEM: VLSI Design CPBM 8309
8TH SEM: Water Resource Management PECE 8409

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